(“Smiling Down” One Ok Rock)



Fanfiction is great because you can watch your OTP confess their undying love to each other four hundred times in a row, and it’s different every time.


Imagine Person A teaching Person B of your OTP how to kiss, and Person B ends up kissing Person A really quick, nervously asks “Like that?” and leaves Person A silent and flustered for a moment.


An accurate summary of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • Reborn: I'm going to become your tutor.
  • Tsuna: Please don't.
  • Gokudera: I'll be your right hand man!
  • Tsuna: Please don't!
  • Yamamoto: Ohh, a mafia game? Can I join?
  • Tsuna: Please don't...
  • Tsuna: PLEASE DON'T
  • Ryohei: I challenge you! If you lose, join the boxing club!
  • Tsuna: Please don't.
  • Hibari: I'm going to bite you to death.
  • Tsuna: Please dO NOT
  • Mukuro: I'm going to destroy all the mafia, including you.
  • Tsuna: Please don't.
  • Xanxus: I'm going to kill you in order to take the title of Vongola Decimo.
  • Tsuna: Please don't.
  • Bykauran: I'm going to take over the world!
  • Tsuna: Do not.
  • Enma: I'm taking vengence for what your ancestors did to my ancestors!
  • Tsuna: Please don't.
  • Daemon: I'm restoring the Vongola to its orginal glory!
  • Tsuna: Don't.................
  • Checkerface: I'm finding the next set of Arcobaleno.
  • Tsuna: No.